Efficiency in every detail
Thoughtful interface
Two-level user authentication and a thoughtful interface.
Selection of available stations on the map
The user sees free docks for public use - Stoylo and stations for private use - Stoylo Light.
Building a route to the parking station
Displaying stations on the map with distance calculation.
Parking and charging
Full real-time overview of usage information (statistics).
Dock management using a mobile app or RFID cards.
Thoughtful details

The patented locking device eliminates theft.

Video surveillance in Stoylo stations.

The modular design allows for multiple configurations.

Smart technologies
Highly efficient intelligent charging.
An alert system for instant notifications when a hacking attempt is made.
10-year warranty
Moisture protection IP66.
The case is made of 3mm powder-coated steel.
The base of the station is made of fiberglass concrete.
Stoylo stations - public or private access.
And what exactly do you need?
Public charging stations for parking scooters. Work through the Stoylo mobile app.
Stoylo Light
A line of charging stations for private or shared use. Access via personal RFID cards.
Station Characteristics
Materials used in construction
  • корпус из оцинкованной стали (толщина 3мм.)
  • порошковая окраска AkzoNobel, ral 7024 (возможны дополнительные цвета)
  • основание станции из стеклофибробетона ~ 370 кг (монтаж без механического крепления)
  • запатентованное запирающее устройство (max. диаметр рулевой стойки 75 мм.)
  • burglary sensors
  • built-in metering device (electronic counter)
  • advertising pylon with LED panel for static advertising (the size of the advertising canvas is 1,24x0,44 m.)
  • video surveillance
  • RFID card
  • reader light indication open/closed
  • illumination of each dock
  • spiral charging wires with Xiaomi Head connector
Our work in this practice area includes:
  • litigation
  • research and legal opinions
  • peaceful settlements
Technical data
  • voltage 220V
  • waterproof IP65
  • operating temperature from -35 to +70 ℃
  • connection to the power grid through the base of the station