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micro mobile transport in the modern world.
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Durability of stations in all weather conditions.
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Why Stoylo?
Stoylo (Stall) is a place to store and power your "electric horse", which has been replaced by a scooter in the modern world. In the parking station you can "tie" and "feed" him - your "electric horse" will always be full and safe.

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Safety and charge

These are the two components that served as the ancestor and inspiration for the creation of a parking station for charging electric scooters.

Now you do not need to take the scooter to the office or to the store and worry about its safety - when you are busy with your own affairs.

Your thoughts should be with you, and you should be focused, for example, on watching a movie at the cinema, and not on the safety of the scooter.

Whether you use a personal scooter, or are an operator of rental (quicksharing) scooters, the relevance of charging is in the first place for you.

That is why our stations allow you to charge most popular models of Ninebot and Xiaomi scooters, the charge will automatically turn off after 2 hours, which will eliminate overcharging the battery and preserve its durability.

To make it so - we have created Stoylo for you.

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